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My Favorite Unlikely Couple: Adam and Eve

In between the days and the nights, somewhere there, the Almighty Awesome that IS, creates itself as Adam, and then, for consistency in modeling, grabs a rib of his and makes an Eve. I understand this, in graphic design, variations on a theme create harmony and dynamism as well. Who knew? A great graphic designer is the Almighty Awesome that IS.

Man and Woman must have had some silly time in the garden, some sense of oneness that really got them through the hard times that came. Those were some big dealings, being the first family of the Bible; a lot of pressure, with everything being written down somehow, or maybe I guess more acurately spoken aloud. Imagine never having heard a joke about the other, never having any knowledge. Imagine Original Discovery. It must have been pretty amazing, so fresh, so free, so aware.

So that must have gotten them through the difficult years, must have gotten Eve through childbirth, too. The sweetness of living purely, freely, with only God as authority, that must have been pretty intense. There were no insurance policies in those early times, they didn't even have rainbows yet, I imagine. Early Earth was a super slower place.

Anyway, I love the way Eve and Adam handle their difficulties, and really feel for them, the psychic pain of somehow knowing their children killed one another. I think their experience illustrates how children can damage their siblings despite a parental desires for only love to flourish between them. I like the unlikelyness that Adam and Eve aren't just themselves, but they're the Almighty Awesomeness that IS in a type of disguise.

Take the apple?

I don't know

Well, I'll try it first. If it should hurt one of us, I'd like it to be me.

I don't know

It's very pretty

You're very pretty

Will Creator that Speaks Clouds be angry?

I don't know



(crunch, crunch)

Anyway, that's just my imagined little exchange between them. It's kind of adorable, even if up until that time they were about as sexual as brother and sister, owing to the Garden of Eden's purity. Super cool.


Maybe Adam and Eve weren't awkward or antagonistic at the beginning, maybe that came later, after many generations, that the rumours got circulated and printed. You know the ones: the ones where they put the whole blame on poor Eve, where they forget the adventurous look in Adam's eye. Ah well.

Adam and Eve, physical, experiential, polar opposites who endured the first "reality series" style documentation of their life who went on to prosper. I think they're great.

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Great Stuff, AP...

...regardless of where your tongue is, vis-a-vis your cheek.

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cheek to cheek

Ron, seems the only place to be these days is lending some humour, otherwise it gets bland and might I say it, scary. Imagine there are some people who won't get the joke; especially when they take that original sin on the part of women and Eve a bit too seriously, using it as ammo like they do in the culture wars.

Was visiting your blog today...twas sparkling, like your eyes ;)