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Flowing Along

The Summer of Rapture is moving along at quite a clip. No sooner do I turn my view from the headlines to see that something interesting is happening in the world directly around me. The garden is growing, the visits to friends are getting put in the memory books and their kids sure are growing; the storms are coming and going and the sun somehow always surprises with a follow. So, let the world accelerate until it gasps and finds itself out of breath, I'm only looking to participate, not to keep up. I've decided, I'm not that impressive and am relishing the freedom found in accepting all my bad decisions, the same ones that had me wallowing about a year and a half ago. From what I gathered, wallowing, like all my vices, gets boring and counter-productive.

The fast paced global theatre has inspired some new projects, including 30 days of Flash poetry that I'm finding hard to keep up with, but that's the point of challenges. I have been watching technology and immersing myself as deeply as I can in the tools that connect me to others. You can read more of these lengthy tech-based wanderings on my website, where you can also check the flash poems now on my Soundcloud. Sort of like my interior life some of what I'm putting out is fast and furious, while the other half is slow and studied.

Things are getting interesting out there and in some ways it's so interesting it scatters my thoughts. Small projects with deadlines seem to be pushing the bigger vision along and shattering the writer's block. Headlines do the opposite and clog me sometimes with all the things I want to say. That's fine by me, since it's a sign of the times and I know I'm not alone. I'm going with the flow and enjoying my participation in a very interesting time. I'm not an activisit and I'm not really a blogger, perhaps because I find the name distasteful. I'm just a writer and that's fine. It's summertime and I'm feeling so small it almost makes me feel big; like only something small could get out of the way enough to take it all in.




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Just a writer, how are you?

Good to read you again!

Reading your blog just now made me fully appreciate what I have been missing out on these past few months. Shorn interests out of necessity rather than choice are life's calling, like wallowing, I guess!

Though not wallowing but seising opportunity the end result ends up no different--absence!  I abhor absence...like a parent emitting silent disapproval nothing is worse than something. Just give me something, anything--good or bad.

Wow, miss you Papic!

How is all your creative stuff going?

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Ron, always...a pleasure. I'm bolstered by your enthusiasm!

Creative stuff going, well..it's going...I hope to get out on the road again soon. New York and I have kissed and made up but our relationship is forever changed. I think I prefer the open road because it assists me in retaining an open mind. I'm not sure why I'm doing all this...it's curiosity I think. Perhaps I'll end up like a cat, stuck in a bag up over the head and in a small space with rising water, but in the meantime, let's have some fun.

OK, OK...I'm back.


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Road trip!

Papic, all I can say is you better let me know if your travels lead out west. It'd be nice to meet you!

Maybe callaborate on some stuff!!

Small place, rising water-- hmm... I like it!

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Out West

Ron, I will definitely stop in when the travels take me west. Eventually, they will. ~Papic