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Charter for Compassion

If you know of Karen Armstrong you might already know of her TED prize wish, The Charter for Compassion.

The charter was launched on November 12th and I highly recommend the site. As writers, some of the stories might inspire us to explore characters too rich for us to dream, as human beings they might inspire us to greater awareness in our daily interactions.

The more I read the Red Room blogs, the more I watch my own complicated life and finances unfurl before me I feel a greater urge to commit myself to greater themes of perseverance. If a writer is a gifted person and if those who write feel that they are gifted, perhaps with talent, and at the very least with literacy there is a responsibility to that gift. Opening doors of tolerance to others is something we can all do. Opening our minds to Karen Armstrong's charter might also help us open doors to creativity, to new ways of publishing and to surviving happily alongside others in a world of our greatest imagination.


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