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On publishing another book: Reflection: A Long Walk Into the World of Love

I can hardly believe that my husband of 48 years and I have taken our world to brand new heights! We have published a book together, one that honors the gift of love and respects all that is required to maintain it.

I should have known, right then and there that this man, one who offers me a most beautiful book, The Family of Man, a photography book, on our first date, a “blind” one at that, and the simple and gentle kiss goodnight that accompanied a marvelous picnic in the beauty of nature, waterfall and all, that something quite extraordinary was about to take place.

To all who question the power of the intuition, please reconsider! Without listening to that unique voice that urged me forward on Friday July 26, 1963, I would have missed the greatest moment of my life … an introduction to the power of love and its ability to heal a wounded heart.