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Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
Oct 2010

Born in Switzerland to a Ceylonese /English father and Australian mother.  Lived in Berlin and London before family relocated to Australia where I was raised in tropical north Queensland and dry, cold South Australia.  These climatic extremes and landscapes still inform much of my writing.  Childhood was spent in books and dreams which provoked occasional stories and poems.

Travelled extensively in Asia and Europe.  Graduated in Literature and Media Studies as a mature-aged student.  My university education and my literary endeavors were threaded through years of raising two children solo and working full-time in my own business.

Have lived in Thailand since retirement six years ago.  I travel extensively in the Asian region with my husband, who composes (mainly classical) music.  I read, write short stories, poetry, and am working intermittently on an historical novel about colonial Ceylon.

My retirement activities include reading, writing, travel, yoga, and attending literary festivals such as Galle, Ubud, and -this year- Jaipur. 

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