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Jan 2008

Marie Brennan holds an undergraduate degree in archaeology and folklore from Harvard and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in anthropology and folklore at Indiana University, which means that people keep giving her things like degrees and fellowship money for studying stuff that’s useful to her as a fantasy writer. She rather likes this arrangement. Because she's been in school without interruption since she was five, she doesn't have the list of odd jobs that a writer should, although she did work one summer pruning Christmas trees with a very large serrated knife, which ought to count for something.

Her first two novels, Doppelganger and its sequel Warrior and Witch, came out from Warner Books in 2006. In 2008 she is launching her new Onyx Court series, a set of stand-alone fantasies set in different periods of English history, all involving the hidden faerie court of London. The first novel in that series, Midnight Never Come, is due out in June.

She has sold over a dozen short stories, which have appeared in magazines such as Jabberwocky, Talebones, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, On Spec, and Weird Tales. A few nonfiction articles on topics of anthropology and folklore may be found in the archives of Strange Horizons.

Her writing is informed by her love of cultures -- past and present, foreign and local. More information on this, and on her fiction, can be found at her website Swan Tower (www.swantower.com).

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