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Mar 2013

I am a writer, living with four cats, more yarn than I can knit up in a lifetime, and a dear husband who doubles as my best friend. I've been writing since I was a kid, but my most prolific times were in college and university. I started a blog a few years ago when I was toying with the idea of becoming a freelance editor. I wanted 1WriteWay.com to be a serious resource of all things related to writing and editing. But then life happened, I got distracted, and went offline for awhile. Now I'm back but with a different purpose for this blog. I just want to write. I'm old enough to be looking forward to retirement (as opposed to what my next career move should be), and the more writing I can do now, the better shape I'll be in to make writing my primary focus when I'm no longer at the office 40 hours a week. In fact, the more I think about retirement, the more I want to write.

I started writing about when I was 9 years old. But I was never very confident (if at all) about my writing talent, and it was easy for me to "give up" periodically, in spite of the support I got from mentors and fellow writers. And once I got a "real" job (in an office with a biweekly paycheck and benefits), it was hard to argue with anyone that I should or could expect to do better by writing. I've made a lot of detours in the past 30 years, trying to become a "professional" whatever (social worker, data analyst), trying to believe in careers and working in offices and 401k's. But now that I'm about 10 years shy of official retirement (fewer years if I'm lucky), I've finally started to wake up to the fact that those things--career, working in an office, going to meetings, conferences--means little to me. I'd rather be writing (ideally, in my jammies with a pot of hot tea for fuel).

I also have the slightly queasy sense of time running out. I'm way past the halfway mark, even if genetics are in my favor and I live to my mom's age of 90 (and counting). Anything can happen, and I have more time to make up for than I have time left.  

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Avid knitter and amateur quilter. Love to hike with my husband and take long walks listening to audiobooks.