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Published by Lassen Reviews
  Martin, Marianne, “The Indelible Heart”, Bywater Books, 2011.  The Power of Friendship Amos Lassen When a good story comes together with beautiful prose, we get a...
Published by LesFic Unbound
One of life's lessons is learning where boundaries are and how to live within them.  Marianne K. Martin takes that subject and wraps it in a story so skillfully that the...
Published by The Rainbow Reader
  Why did the chicken cross the road?    This iconic riddle first appeared in The Knickerbocker back in 1847, and has virtually endless variations, including ducks...
Under the Witness Tree
Published by Katherine V. Forrest
Under the Witness Tree is a multi-dimensional love story woven with rich themes of family and the search for roots. This is a novel of discovery that reaches into the deeply...