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Back to nature  My stay in Varese, the garden city of Northern Italy, is the first time I have noticed colors so much. In the gigantic cities I have always lived in – Budapest, New York, Milan – spring flowers were hardly visible. We lived in gray or dirty beige apartment buildings, lined up...
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A life in three parts: Hungary, USA, Italy
To write a memoir means to recreate your family history in a hopefully significant way for others to appreciate. My two published memoirs cover the tragic and adventurous stories of my parents and their lost loved ones in the Holocaust in Hungary, our escape to the USA after a life lived under...
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A Century of Love
 I found  a box of old photos in my mother’s apartment after her death, which reminded me of  the stories my parents had told me about their adventurous lives as survivors of the Holocaust and about their lost loved ones. This led to my first book: "A CENTURY OF LOVE: 1905-2004", a...
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Vices and Virtues in Varese, Italy
Lethargy stands with naked feet peeking out from under her long dress, puzzled about what to do (or not to do) next, holding a long, green sock in one hand and a boot in another. Should she continue dressing or maybe just fix her hair, which certainly needs attention: spiky blond locks cascade to...
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