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Aug 2009

Born in London UK, in 1970.  Maria is a lawyer and the author of four novels: 'Coincidences' 2001, the dramatic story of a young girl looking for her father who left the family home when she was only 2 years old;  'A Time to Tell' 2006, a family saga/romantic drama following the life of Cara, a grandmother, spanning 50 years and three generations of the same family; 'Second Chances' 2010 The story of a marriage falling to pieces; 'The Dream' 2011, a fantasy/paranormal novel exploring the concept of fate.  She also has three short story collections, 'Pieces of a Rainbow' 2009; 'Love and Loyalty (and Other Tales)' 2010; and 'Fusion' 2011. Maria co-wrote a novella, 'Cutting The Fat' with fellow author, Jason McIntyre, as an online writing experiment. The book is now available as a kindle ebook. Maria's short stories also appear in the BestsellerBound Short Story Anthologies. An avid reader, Maria review books for Bookpleasures.com. A major voice in indie literature, Maria is a resident author on BestsellerBound.com.



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'Pieces of a Rainbow' — a collection of short stories

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