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New Life Incorporated

he Longevity Chip is marvel of biotechnology—an implant that slows aging and ensures virtual immortality. It's safe, affordable, and guaranteed. Thousands have been sold, and thousands more are in production, quickly making New Life Incorporated the wealthiest, most powerful corporation on the globe. The fountain of youth, it seems, has at long last been found. But the Resistors aren't buying it; they suspect the Chip has some guarded, secret purpose, and seek the truth. Still, truth often comes at great cost—as their increasingly violent confrontations with the Lifers, who defend the source of their new-found salvation with religious fervor, attest. As far as Joe Ramsey is concerned, he'd just as soon stay out of it. But when he inadvertently thwarts the assassination of a key Resistor, Joe is thrown headlong into a tangle of deceit, treachery, and intrigue that may prove New Life CEO Caleb Walker the most dangerous man on earth.