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transmutation of emotions

Two concepts described by the famous and controversial Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Chogyam Trunpa, have deeply impressed me.  One is the concept of emotion as energy which is essentially clear like water. Our thoughts-emotions color the water with different pigments. The second concept is that of carrying the projector--like a movie projector--inside one's mind but eliminating the screen (ie object).

I first clearly experienced emotions as energy--transmutable with different pigments--on a Buddhist retreat years ago in the Santa Cruz Mountains. One cold grey day, having had all I could take of meditation, I fled to the women's restrooms. A woman called Susan followed, to bring me back to the fold.  I strode towards her filled with rage, and then suddenly something transformed. I felt the energy shift. I hugged her!

She understood, and she hugged me back.
It was pure energy, transmutable.

The concept of the projector is similar to the Platonic imageof illusion--human beings inside a cave perceive only shadows of the outside world. If you remove the screen on which projections flow, then you  perceive the actual phenomena. We project our own thoughts, emotions, sensations onto the world. If we can strip away preconceptions, then we perceive  with clarity.

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ahh, a moment of dzogchen

pure energy, pure radiance... perhaps, both of you ran into each other's projectors without projecting any preconcieved/discursive notions onto each other, without using each other as screens/objects - and the respective lights of your subject-ivity crossed paths...

good for you, for her, and for all "us" (one way or another)

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That's a cerebral way of looking at it, although that is essentially what happened.