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July 13, 2010

I've been a month now on the coast, a tiny village called Cuastecomate (never mind its website which boasts a mythical golf club).  I am so close to the ocean that the waves lap the steps of this house at high tide. We are at the mouth of a long, narrow bay with steep hills on either side.  It is beautiful to go up on the roof at sunset and just gaze out at the ocean. I am housesitting, and I leapt at the opportunity to come and write--but it has truthfully been slow going.  I have a schedule,  which I need, and I keep to it --

But hay problemas. 

For days we had no water coming in through the  pipes.  This not drinking water, but water for everything else--showers, cleaning, toilet, etc etc.  Fortunately I learned from a neighbor to turn off the motor that pumps water to the cistern up on the roof, so that it wouldn't burn out.

Anyway - eventually "la bomba", the large central pump - was fixed.  But today, the water supply is off again!.  As for the electricity, it too is haphazard.  Last but not least, the house is only partly finished. Dangling electric  wires hang from square-cut holes in the ceiling.  At night, the large, cavernous house is dim, as there are only two or electric lights. But there is the wonderful sound of waves,  swimming in the warm ocean, which I love.   And the stars - when the sky is clear - are bright. And the full moon illumines the entire house, with one side entirely open, shielded only by a screen and iron bars from the elements.

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Solitude by the Sea

What a wonderful description, Maria. How I envy you.

To fall asleep watching the moon set over the sea, and listening to the waves lapping below you . . . .


Your fresh water and electricity problems are part of living in Mexico, which because of vestiges of the Revolution has slowed the IMF and World Bank from insisting that a MacDonald's be constructed on your doorstep. As I say about Mazatlan, enjoy it while you can.

Macresarf1 -- Glenn Anders -- Alex Fraser