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christmas in the desert

Growing  up in suburban Long Island, I generally hated Christmas  with its cold, miserable weather, artificial indoor heat, its frantic buying and giving and of presents, and the gluttonous meals.

Some years ago, I went off to the California desert to spend time alone in a place called The Galaxy Motel. There was no one around for miles except the stoned couple who managed the motel from their house a few hundred yards away. I loved being alone. I hiked;  I had  lucid dreams. And I felt wonderful. I felt more myself than I ever had.

 For Christmas   I treated myself to a few days in a motel with spa and swimming pool in Palm Desert.  The month alone had  somehow changed my energy. I found myself reacting more warmly, more easily with other people than I ever had before. Our Christmas feast consisted of canned tuna fish, which we ate in someone's room in our bathing suits. The simplicity was wonderful!

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I like this--how you portray the simplicity of that time which gave you space to dream and then come of it more whole--I especially like reading this in the midst of buying/wrapping mania. I'll remember that it can be different, and it was for you that holiday season. Thanks for writing this!

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christmas in the desert

Yes, it was wonderful.  I hope to do this again--other good Christmases were spent in Mexico by the beach in a small town with dirt roads.