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Albuquerque - New Roots



So it is still Albuquerque .  I am developing a fondness for chile and for huevos rancheros on Sunday mornings with my friend, Gary.  Leaves on the trees are sprouting.  It is Spring, and the air is warm, even hot at midday. Over the weekend there were festivities in Old Town: flamenco dancers, a mariachi band, a parade with gigantic puppets, among many other attractions. The highlight was a blues band  that played dance music in the main plaza.  We danced and danced!  On Valentine’s Day, The Alibi, local alternative paper, printed hundreds of romantic messages. There was a sense of coming from the heart that was beautiful in these messages, a simplicity, a lack of armor.


The Sandia mountains loom up to the East, and they provide a bulwark.  The air is fresh and clean.  I went to Florida for a week, and I missed the mountains.  New roots are sprouting, but they are still fragile.  It is still difficult to write here. I haven’t yet somehow reconciled with the land.   

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I miss California and friendships formed over many years. But this is a new world, a new chapter in my life, and who knows where what will happen next?

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Sounds as if LOVE has found Maria Espinosa again!

   Much luck, Maria.  Perhaps, it will lead to another novel or two, happier ones.