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9:09am...  I am like, weak. Went to McDonalds again, didn't get my beloved McSkillet burrito, got the McGriddle. But, in my defense...1. I have been eating it since I was little. Sporadically. No need to stop now from eating it very sporadically. 2. PMS. Enough said. 3. I was ashamed when I pull up to the drive thru, like anyone I know is going to see me. No one works near where I work and what are the odds someone spots me while driving by, well enough to identify me? Slim to none, I say. But I promised I wouldn't go there anymore! What the hell is my deal? It must be the chemicals. Yep, I'm an addict. Addicted to Mickey D's. I know it is deplorably bad for me. Ironically, I finished reading Fast Food Nation only a few months ago, and I've eaten more fast food since I finished the book than in the five years before I read it. Also...I only ate the pancakes from the McGriddle. I love the syrup pockets! Haha, they make me laugh, and are oh-so-good. I think I am a repeat McDonalds loser also because in the spring I started listening to this morning show that I love, and the crazy guy on the show um, is a spokesperson for McDonalds. He like, lives off it. But he also runs around with mayo on his face, so... not sure I should be taking his advice. 

Since I finished reading Fast Food Nation, I cannot eat meat at McDonalds without becoming nauseated. I can't even look at it. if I get the burrito I have to wolf it down fast or I won't eat it. I cannot think about the meat. It is fake meat. it is sooooo bad for you. If you knew how that meat went from cow to your car, you would feel the same way I do. Elated when you eat it, and then disgusted by yourself afterwards. Read the book. But, I digress. I might as well eat lard out of the bin. I think my destiny is linked with McDonalds. My father's side of the family is notoriously unhealthy. My dad ate Oreos like they were apples. He played basketball and was really good, so he never gained weight. But he loved junk food. His sister, my godmother, used to make scrapple for breakfast for me and my sisters when we were small. Do you know what scrapple is? 


Haha, I used to eat that every Sunday. That's how I developed my Teflon stomach. But then my mother scrapped the scrapple. Said it was fried death. I figure if I can eat that, I can eat anything. It's easy to progress from scrapple to McDonalds. The McDonalds is probably better for me.  But I am going back on the wagon. I vow never to eat it again. I hope my sister never reads this. I actually lied to her on the phone this morning so that I could get off the phone and get my food. 

9:54am... My best friend in FL has absconded with her boyfriend to Australia until February. They are poor as dirt over there. I should have told her this before she left, but now is not the time to be traveling for extended periods of time overseas. The US-Australian dollar conversion has left them destitute, and now my dear Marlene is driving around a foreign country in a freakin campervan. A car. She is living out of a car. She and I do not live out of cars. it's not even a nice car, it's one of those smelly vans they should have recalled at the end of the seventies. It's an adventure, we both agree, but damn. It's come to this, where living in cars is an adventure. We really are privileged girls. It's like how I feel about the Mods, where I went to college. At the time, people killed to live in those things. They're basically low income housing. A modular home by definition is low-quality, cheapo housing. And I'm glad they're knocking them down, they're an aberration on the lower campus. But like, we glorified them while we were there. There was nothing better to us than living like squatters in a disgusting mod. I had some good times there, but I'm not really one to talk. I lived in a former asylum with a window as as small as a lap dog. And that building has since been torn down, I think. But my dorm, and the mods, and this camerpvan are all one and the same thing. Glorified crap. I guess it was the best at the time, so we went with it. I told Mar to be careful. 

11:37am... I am loving on Obama and McCain right now. I'll put this out there: I am a registered Republican and have voted as such in every election I ever partook in. You want to filet me, go right ahead. But, I am seriously questioning my people these days. I love the ideals the party stood for way back then, but I loathe the creepfest it has turned into. And I don't like the groups and PACs the party cozies up to. Born again whackos, pro-life whackos, gun enthusiasts, rednecks, homophobes, xenophobes, nasty white men chauvinists, etc... it makes a girl question where her loyalties lie. I think McCain is different, I hope I'm right. But a vote for the other guy is a vote for Obama, and I have no beef with him. I think i'm still too young and poor to find fault with a Democrat. And I'm supposed to be a member of his party anyways, aren't I? But it's not that simple. Oversimplifying is a serious problem in this country. I refuse to buy into it. They both seem progressive enough for my tastes. And now, a chick for Veep? I'm lovin it. Not only that, but she's like, a little bit of everything. As much a "free spirit" as you can be if you're a woman Republican. (Ann Coulter is a psycho hose-beast and doesn't count, ever.) Here's what I wrote my friend Dorothy about it, she and I are always talking about crap like this. it's exhausting, but worthwhile.

(oh, I should mention i don't care much for initial caps when I type. also, i have a mad crush on terrence howard. i'm buying his new album. you buy it too! his video is what i' talking about.)

looove the video. i really do love that man. and it just hit me...my friend Ian reminds me of terrence howard! baby face, same way of speaking. everything ian says sounds like he's thinking it all through when he talks, like he's literally thinking aloud. haha, it makes me laugh all the time. and he says stuff like, "word." 

ok... sarah palin? crazy pick for Veep, but I like it. I like this election. First time in my life I honestly can say i don't know who I am voting for. Still leaning towards Obama to fight the old fart fascist brigade. haha, and I looked palin up. 

ex-beauty queen, it paid for her college

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