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Margriet Ruurs's Books

Amazing Animals cover.jpg
Amazing facts of the largest, smallest, fastest and most mindblowing animal feats on earth. The text is accompanied by incredible paintings.
A classroom resource on writing poetry, this book is full of original ideas and activities to get children excited about writing poetry.
School book530.jpg
A photo collage highlighting children in many different countries and the ways in which they go to school. The United Nations' calls education 'a basic human right' but children go to school under many different circumstances. The book features an international school in which 50 different languages are spoken. There is a floating school in Cambodia.  One child walks to school...
Cold Day.jpg
Emma, the plucky but foolish cluck, is back and about to demonstrate one more time that being a chicken is not all it’s cracked up to be. In her latest escapade, Emma is one game hen with a big problem. It’s the middle of winter and the chicken coop is freezing. Determined to find out how the other farm animals weather the weather, Emma sets off on a snowy trek that almost ends in...
Librarian cover.jpg
This unique picturebook takes you on a journey around the world. It shows how children around the globe receive books by mobile libraries - including a camel library in Kenya, a donkey library in Peru, books by boat and even an elephant library in Thailand. Complete with world map and text boxes with country information this book is a valuable resource for any classroom and a...
Wild babies.jpg
A gorgeous introduction to wildlife families that features breath-taking art full of hidden surprises for young readers. The lively alliterative text in Wild Babies describes raccoon kits, otter pups, loon chicks, wolf cubs and more. Share the joy as these adorable babies learn to navigate their world of forests, mountains, or lakes. A legend helps to identify objects hidden in...
Illustrations by Andrew Kiss
In this beautifully illustrated book, one busy family finds lots to do from sun up to sunset. At the campsite, there’s wood to chop for the fire and fish to catch. And there’s lots of time to explore, climb rocks, splash in the lake, and discover animals in the shadows of the woods. As afternoon turns to evening, supper needs to be made, and just before bed, stories are told around...
Ms Bee cover001.tif
Ms. Bee is a school librarian who enchants not only the children, but the principal and the caretaker of her school with her wonderful stories. Where does she get them? Are they true? She gets them at home, on the weekend. As soon as she opens her door, she drops her bulging...
No Dogs Allowed cover106.jpg
When Mrs. Jamieson moves to a senior's home, she can't bring her dog. A full year later, however, Sam finds her. Based on a true story, this is the amazing account of how Sam did get to live in the senior's home.
cover art by Ted Harrison
MELANIE WHITE has always liked history, but she certainly doesn't believe in ghosts. When a voice from the past begins to haunt her, she soon discovers wisdom in her words. With the spunky ghost of Martha Black as her guide, Melanie wanders through history like she never has before. From the Great Chicago Fire to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, Martha Black recounts her life...
Power of Poems.jpg
For teachers of grades 3-6 A common sense approach to poetry writing with lots of classroom-proven strategies and activities that free you to fit poetry into just about any part of your day. Activities are adaptable through middle and even high school. Encourages creativity and teaches solid writer's craft techniques.
Henry's a young rooster who loves to have fun. He plays cards with the goats, listens to moosic with the cows, and pops corn with the pigs. After a long night of fun, however, Henry just can't get up early in the morning. His mom insists he's not lazy; Henry just isn't a morning rooster. But Henry's father is off to a convention for a week - guess who must take his place and crow...
In My Backyard.jpg
From the singing of little wrens in spring to paper wasps building their nests in summer; from baby bats drinking mother’s milk in fall to baby possums climbing into mother’s pouch in winter, In My Backyard celebrates nature and backyard animals through the seasons. Wildlife artist Ron Broda’s detailed paper-sculpture art beautifully complements Margriet Ruurs’ lyrical text, and...
Most chickens have enough sense to run when a coyote comes near. Not Emma. She thinks she can outfox a hungry canine despite the warnings of the farmer and his family. One day the suspense reaches a peak when the hungry coyote comes a little too close. Will Emma's "uncanny good luck" hold out even if her common sense doesn't? Margriet Ruurs has once again created a hen...
Emma's Eggs.jpg
Emma was one confused chicken. "Tok!" she said, when she peeked through the window and saw what was happening to her eggs. "Is that how they want my eggs? Then that's how I'll make them." But when Emma scrambled her next egg, no one was pleased. She tried again, and again, until finally, she'd had enough. If they didn't want her eggs, she wouldn't give them any!