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Tis the Season for Poetry
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Chris Faatz

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‘Tis the Season for Poetry
ShareThis Posted by Chris Faatz, December 18th, 2009
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Well, it's that time of year again. Let's see if I can recommend a few books to make your shopping easier...

First of all, let me bring to your attention Margo Berdeshevsky's haunting and lyrical collection of short stories, "Beautiful Soon Enough." This is a strange and wonderful book. It shares the stories of 23 women as they navigate the shores and shoals of their lives, their triumphs and failures. It whispers, really; there's nothing clarion about "Beautiful Soon Enough." It's elegant and understated, richly textured and deeply hypnotic. It's no surprise, really, that it won FC2's American Book Review/Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize.

Really, I should let this book, which brushes close to the beauty of poetry, speak for itself. Just a taste now, pulled at random from the text:

What she sees at once is the hump. The very old woman. Then a woman with a cascade of hair, her face buried in her reddened hands. Then, again, the older one. Who is methodically shredding her newspaper whose huge headline is mostly visible. Russia's Day of Knowledge. We are a country in the dark.

And again:

— A stranger came among us, he spoke, with tremendous strain in front of a very short pine box. She had no family, none present. When it was learned, one thin sister and the wine merchant came to bow their heads.
— A stranger, the brother said again, a voice like wire. She came to our door and who among us loved her?
She was interred with nods and without further fuss, stark winter squirrel.

This is a perfect choice for the devotee of the avant garde in literature, the person who loves Ducornet or Walser or anything experimental and deeply sensuous.

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"Beautiful Soon Enough" : "... This is a strange and wonderful book."