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If The Word Flies:Ruth O’Callaghan on Margo Berdeshevsky...and Adrienne Rich
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Ruth O’Callaghan
Poetry Review / Volume 98:3 /Autumn 2008

"...It is this ability to perceive hope in despair, joy in grief - not in the abstract but in daily lives - which infuses these poems with a rare beauty. The recurring images - claws, bone, blindness, etc. - are not in themselves, beautiful. But, though both thoughts and lines are often broken, there is a cohesion of words, of landscape and of people which imbues Berdeshevsky's world with a particularity as unequivocal as that of Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake." ...Berdeshevsky is a contemporary poet reflecting contemporary life and one whose distinctive voice will impact as surely as "nailed nerves dry tears to the whites of seeing. ("Walking Papers"). "

[Poetry Review (UK)Volume 98, No 3, Autumn 2008]

"But a Passage in Wilderness" (Sheep Meadow Press)