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Mom and her five children in the small Nebraska town
Here we are at that day of days, celebrating our mothers. Each year I have knots in my stomach as I think of my mother.  Mothers are meant to nurture us, to give us love and support, to make us the most important thing in their life. Ideally they are disciplinarians, firm but not harsh, guides...
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In an ideal world, teen years should include dating, shopping for new clothes, slumber parties, school football games, making new friendships, striving for a 4.0 grade average, the prom and crushes on your Biology teacher. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world. It never has been. For those of us...
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Today’s Wall Street Journal had an excellent and exciting post. It read in part: “In the wake of the child abuse cover-up scandals at Penn State and Syracuse that rocked the nation last year, Florida has enacted the most expansive abuse reporting law and the nation's toughest penalties for failing...
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I have never perceived myself as particularly courageous, at least not until I got into recovery from incest. I did not think I had the mental and moral strength that it required. The thought of having to bring to light all of those dark days and what ensued during them was so far down at the...
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I grew up in the 50s. While there may have been some tantalizing things back then, rock and roll, cool cars, fun filled dances, the hula hoop and the misleading feeling that all was right with the world, empowerment for women was not one of them. My mother’s motto regarding my father was: “Even...
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Victims of child sexual abuse wear warning signs like flashing lights. Unfortunately most people don’t know what to watch for. A mother might think that her teenage daughter, who has been moody, cries a lot and doesn’t like to be touched anymore, is just going through the terrible teens.  A...
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April is Child Abuse Prevention month and the blue ribbon is their symbol. If you have a Facebook page, please put the blue ribbon as your icon for the month of April. It will go a long way towards heightening the awareness of child abuse. And.......please wear a blue ribbon. Our children are our...
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A long forgotten memory crept up unawares this afternoon. I don’t know what set off the plunge into anxiety that followed. Shadows, ones I had put to bed years ago and thought never to visit again, paraded in front of me. Just for that moment I was terrified. I swiftly pulled back and looked at the...
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Once you retire, you no longer have to follow a tight schedule designed to insure arriving at work on time, going grocery shopping on your way home, making sure dinner is ready before 6pm, stay on top of the kids so that they finish their homework by bed-time, throw a load of laundry in the washing...
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In the beginning......don't they look like nice people?
My younger sister, as an adult, once made the comment that she wished we could go back to being a child with mom and dad still taking care of us. I viewed this statement with horror. To my sister’s point of view we were coddled and fed, watched over and guided in such a manner as to make her feel...
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Getting out of bed on the wrong side
You didn’t sleep well. You woke up with a headache and groggy. You realize you overslept and are late for work. You dig through your closet and find an outfit that should have gone to the cleaners weeks ago but you never got around to it. You slip into it anyway. You dump everything out of your...
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We plug a movie into our DVD player. Within minutes there’s an unexpected, brutal rape scene. Our throat goes dry, our heart starts beating rapidly. We shut it off. For the remainder of our day we struggle to make our minds go blank, to think of something positive, to forget about the movie...
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Emotional abuse is often undetected, leaving in its wake deep scars.  In the raising of children it’s quite a set up. Your parents are supposed to use their wisdom to guide you, to teach you right from wrong. But in many homes there is little wisdom and the guidance is a whiplash of verbal...
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Blog Posting (February 10, 2012) U.S. Politics Today headlined: The High Cost of Foster Care Abuse “More than 500,000 children in the U.S. reside in some form of foster care. Within one year of their initial placement, at least 15 percent of them will experience neglect, abuse, or other harmful...
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In 1983, April was proclaimed the first National Child Abuse prevention Month. As a result, child abuse and neglect awareness activities are promoted across the country during April of each year. The Office on Child Abuse and Neglect (OCAN) within the Children’s Bureau coordinates Child Abuse...
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