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Unresolved childhood traumas
Marjorie McKinnon, Author of REPAIR Your Life and Founder of The Lamplighters

When you think of a wound, one that has not been lanced, then had ointment put on it to help it heal, think of unresolved childhood sexual abuse.  That unresolved trauma becomes infected, just like a wound that has not been lanced.  It spreads its infection to all parts of your body. As you grow older that infection can mean many things, none of them good: suicidal, poor self esteem, alcoholism, promiscuity, domestic violence partners, anger, fear, insomnia, excessive need to control, obsessive, compulsive behavior patterns, needy, weak boundaries, neurotic tendencies, addictions, eating disorders, severe depression, chronic illness, emotional extremes. But if you begin to resolve this childhood trauma (no matter how old you are it is never too late to REPAIR your life) by working a recovery program you will find many of the above problems disappear.  As time goes on and you are busy REPAIRing your body (the ointment that helps it heal) you will become healthy not only emotionally but mentally, spiritually and physically as well.

It is my belief that unresolved childhood traumas turn inward eventually causing serious health problems and often death before your time.  I liken it to a general who has been put in charge of our bodies at birth.  He assigns soldiers to protect different body systems.  When he has to pull soldiers off one battle site and send them to handle “stress battles” he weakens that system.  In particular, the immune system, once weakened, leaves the body vulnerable to disease.  Does it not make sense that if we learn to heal a childhood trauma, in particular one as despairing as childhood sexual abuse, the general in charge of our body will have scant need to either deplete the soldiers guarding our immune system or debilitate any of the other body systems whose healthy functioning is required for a long life.  Think what this could do to rising medical costs.