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The Other Side of Fifty
Never be afraid of growing older. It's an achievement, not a punishment.
Marjorie McKinnon, Author of REPAIR Your Life and Founder of The Lamplighters

The other side of fifty, Seems like a dangerous place,Where no one will appreciate, My lack of "pretty face."And oh, the fear of aging, On which I contemplate,Rears its ugly head, To decide for me my fate.And what about my body, When it's not so taut and lean?Will I find that I've abandoned, My only cause to preen?Or will the ones admiring, My willful vanity,Finally discover, The inner real me?And will that separate, The grownups from the boys,And bring them out of hiding, Prompting me to poise,With a stronger, inner confidence, A radiant, deeper me,Who's hid behind a body, So no one else can see,That pulchritude need not, Be just a surface force,For after fifty I may find, My life has changed its course,And seduced me into waters, I never thought to tread,Where I prize the act of aging, Instead of facing it with dread.