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My Earliest Memory
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Marjorie had just had her third birthday and was feeling very grown up. Across the living room, Rusty, their long haired mutt lay beneath the black and white stove, his body propped against the legs that looked like claws. Bread was in the oven and the smell drifted throughout the house, crawling into corners, finding its way into all the tiny niches until Marjorie felt as if the whole world smelled like baking bread. In her tiny hands she held her first book, a birthday gift from her parents. It was called The Golden Book of Words. She'd been looking through the pictures for a long time, stroking the hard bound cover, tracing her fingers over the bright-colored images as her mind spun stories. Her mother sat at the large mahogany table Grandma Bay had shipped to them, taking papers out of a cardboard container and reading them.  Once in awhile she'd write something down, then put it back in the box. A sweet potato vine hung from the wall over her head, its deep green tendrils falling every which way.

"Momma, what's this book about?"

"It's about words."

"What are words?"

Her mother, nibbling at the end of her pencil, thought for a moment. "They're letters, like in the alphabet I taught you, strung together to draw pictures and tell stories."

"Can I write words someday?"

Her mother put the pencil down and stared out the window. Her brow knitted almost painfully as she responded in a pensive voice. "Yes, and one day you'll write sentences, and your sentences will become stories and your stories will paint pictures and the pictures will take you anyplace in the world you want to go." Her brow had smoothed over and and her face had settled some as she added, "They'll hide any pain or yearning you have."

It was the longest conversation Marjorie had ever had with her mother.  She tucked it deep into the secret places of her mind, then stated firmly, "When I grow up I want to be a writer. Then all I'll really need is words."

They say that whatever your earliest memory is about will guide you into what is most important in your life. I have published two books, REPAIR: A Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse and REPAIR For Kids.  My third book, "It's Your Choice! Decisions That Will Change Your Life," will be released before the end of August to be followed by my fourth book, "REPAIR For Toddlers. I have five novels I've written but not yet published and five other non-fiction works, not yet published either. I've also written four volumes of poetry and have two new books I'm working on, both non fiction works. I am looking for an agent to handle my unpublished books. Looks like they were right.