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Lamplighters for Children

I had a pleasant surprise at 5:00 this morning.  Our Lamplighter Movement facilitator, Pastor Ezekiel, in Migori Suna, Kenya called me. It was a delight to hear his excited voice. He wanted to let me know that he had 20 children in his chapter and that they were all working the REPAIR For Kids program. I felt as if it were Christmas. Nothing makes me happier than to find out good news with one of our chapters. We have four chapters for children, Pastor Ezekiel’s, Felicidad Fraser LSW’s chapter in Denver, CO, Joyce Carroll in Atlanta, Georgia and Michelle McClain’s chapter in Framingham, MA

If we can save the children, we will save the adults. Children need to understand as soon as possible after being sexually molested, exactly what happened, who is responsible, what they can do for help and how they can heal. The sooner we get to them the easier it will be to heal them. Child sexual abuse is like an infected wound. If not treated, the infection will spread throughout the child. It will breed low self-esteem, addictive disorders, suicide tendencies, insomnia, weak boundaries, people pleasing, an excessive need to control, needy, emotional extremes, severe depression, unhealthy choices in members of the opposite sex and obsessive, compulsive behavior patterns. None of these will bring happiness to a child upon reaching adulthood. But, think of it, if we can REPAIR the child as soon as possible after the abuse, we will be sending out into the world a healthy adult with a strong chance of living a happy life complete with healthy choices.

This is why we need more and more people working with children to have them begin the REPAIR program.  For decades, I went from one therapist to another. I lost count of them. Not a one helped. Most weren’t interested in my childhood. Finally, in my mid-forties my doctor sent me to a child sexual abuse specialist. She had been raped at knifepoint by two men when she was only four. She knew what to do. She got me started in recovery and then I took off on my own. That program, REPAIR, is the result of all I learned during that time. It works, if you work it (a wise saying from the Twelve Step programs). So if you have a child, or know a child who has been sexually abused, don’t wait. Order the book REPAIR For Kids and help your child to work that program. If you can, start a children’s Lamplighter chapter and help other children while you’re helping your own.