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Knoxville, Tennessee
I live at Blackberry Corner, a historic house in the Park City section of Knoxville, Tennessee, with my husband Michael Bensey, a dancer, and our son Kiernan, 15, a student and sometime actor.
Mar 2009

I write poetry, essays, histories, short stories, and genealogies. Some of these have been published in the anthologies Breathing the Same Air, Knoxville Christmas 2008, HomeWorks, and Low Explosions; in the photojournal Park City; and in the newsletters Blackberry Corner, The Inkwell, The Record, and The Parkridge Press. My academic articles have been published in Assessment Update, Context, Staff Stuff, and Tennessee Today. I am working on a history of the antebellum section of my neighbohood, Searching fro Shieldstown, and a novel, Whiteacres.

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