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Originally I joined this site because Amy Tan bogged here and I wanted to  tell her how much I enjoy her writing and that I was sorry she had struggled with Lyme disease. Recent world events in Myanmar are frightening and  I understand more than ever her idea of  not fixing what you do not understand but working towards  understanding of another culture and how the people of another culture might want to experience  prosperity based on their beliefs.  Also, I was  able to readjust to  living in the US after having  lived in Hong Kong -her good sense of humour was the key.


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Meant blogged not bogged -my

Meant blogged not bogged -my L is sticking.

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Welcome, Margret!

I'm glad that Amy's presence here was what got you to build a member page. I hope you'll be back frequently with blog posts that tell your stories.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room