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Miracles All Around Us/Why I Write Fiction, John of God

The December issue of Oprah Magazine has a special feature called Miracles All Around Us.  

It introduces miracles "easily missed if you're distracted," and marvels "hidden in every corner of our lives."

It begins with "The Awe Tour," which takes you to spots on Earth where you can see, hear, touch, and smell mysteries and curiosities "dreamed up by nature" and "guaranted to make you feel humbled."

Such as:

  • Large geometric shapes called earthworks made out of mounds of dirt in the Amazon
  • Delicate white crystals growing along the walls of a Slovakian cave
  • A hot spring that's alive with electric hues called the Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park
  • Sailing stones in Death Valley
  • The Annual Trek of Christmas Island crabs
  • The Isle of Eigg which produces music when you run your hands through the sand

And then there are the miracles we can't perceive through our senses, like sound waves, microwaves, radio waves, emotions, wind, love, and:
 By Niguel ConThe Brazilian healer John of God.In her article, Leap of Faith, Susan Casey, introduces an "unassuming Brazilian" named Joao Teixeira de Faria, widely known as John of God, who has cured millions of life-threatening illnesses with energy healings and invisible surgeries, beyond the analytical handholds of our rational minds.

Do you believe? 

Some people can't afford not to.

In my novel, Between Now and Forever, one of my characters is a 13-year-old healer.

Sure, it's fiction, but I believe in miracles.

I also believe in positive thinking and that Spirit works through human beings in mysterious ways.

Guess that's why I write fiction. 

I can put into my stories what I believe, but can't prove to be true.

By KM&G-MorrisHeck, I can't explain sound waves, microwaves, radio waves, emotions, wind, love, and John of God.

That doesn't mean they aren't real.

As Oprah says on the last page of her magazine, "My entire life is a miracle.  And so is yours.  That I know for sure."

Later she adds, "I know that every physical encounter has a metaphysical meaning,  and I'm open to seeing it all."

Thanks Oprah for a great December issue and for giving me the incentive to keep writing stories about what I believe to be real, but can't prove to be true.