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The Danger of Designer Handbags

“Oh hi Mom! Listen I can’t stay on the phone long, I am on my way out the door!”

“I saw on the news about an elderly woman getting mugged.  She was just out on her afternoon walk, minding her own business when some guy came and grabbed her purse. He dragged her before taking off, purse in hand! Why did you make me move to such a dangerous place?”

“Mom, Scottsdale is not dangerous!”

“She was 76 years old! And it was during the day! When I think about muggings I think Central Park when all the creeps come out. Does this mean I can’t go out without a bodyguard or a can of pepper spray?”

“Mom, I’ve got to go, don’t go out by yourself until I call you later!”


I think about this unfortunate incident while heading to lunch with April and Glee. I can’t help but be on my guard.

What kind of a person steals from old ladies anyway? I know times are tough, but that’s no excuse. If someone tried to take my mother’s bag, they would be in for a surprise. She doesn’t have anything in it except for her reading glasses from Walgreens, her moisturizer and her hemorrhoid cream!

I can imagine if someone tried to take one of April’s designer bags – those cost more than anything she has in them! She’d have such a tight grasp on it, her knuckles would turn white from the grip she has on the strap. That purse won’t be going anywhere unless April’s with it. The one’s she is carrying now is wait-listed. Recognize it?

I think the only reason April works out every day with Pilates is so she can protect her handbags!

Is there a handbag you would sacrifice your savings and/or life for? Share with me your most coveted handbag!

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Reminds me of my daughters

Reminds me of my daughters Marcia!  Yes, a pity that old ladies fall prey to lunatics but on the lighter side, I can imagine a young feisty girl under attack, her Tori Burch or Marc Jacob being pulled apart! It's going to be a tough fight to let go!  :-)

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Thank you!

Thank you for your response.  I personally don't carry a designer handbag! A paper bag worked great for years, but sometimes I break down and carry one of my mother's clear plastic bags from the 50's! :)