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Best Buddies
Had I known it would be my final day by his side, I might have stroked his coat or kissed his nose a little longer. Yet, the only person who knew that Blackie and I would be separated was the one who planned the entire event. Seated in the car, my father drove Blackie and me out to a vacant lot...
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"I'm sorry, Miss. You're overqualified. You should try the Sunday paper." the record store owner apologized as he snatched the Help Wanted sign out of my hands. Did he not notice the black smudges of newspaper ink that covered them from circling countless classifieds? "Have you tried...
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"All aboard!" the faceless conductor shouts from inside the train. One after the other, passengers join together to form a single-file line that appears to have no end. At the front of the line stands a character that peers at the crowd behind him and snickers. "I got here first!...
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