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To BP Corporate Headquarters...a memo

A poem filing claims against BP for the Gulf oil spill with photographs from Getty and AP.

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Moving, passionate and heartfelt, Mara

Be sure it will have its impact on the world. To cast your bread upon the water is never wasted. Good breeds good. Just to begin with, your own creativity changes you and deepens and influences your interaction with others. The ripples widen and never cease...

Dislodge a stone on the shore and the order of things is changed.

Thank you!


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Ah, Rosy, my friend, you are

Ah, Rosy, my friend, you are indeed a wise comfort. Just the words I needed since I feel I have lived a lifetime in which I have dislodged many stones.

Thank you so much for your kindness. Mara

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Good poem. An optimistic

Good poem. An optimistic government report about the aftermath of the oil leak within the Gulf of Mexico 2010 is being disputed. National Incident Command had concluded in a report that the majority of the BP oil leak evaporated or had been collected or burned, but 3 reports say nearly the opposite . Shrimpers were given the green light. I don't think what they did is right because as far as I know, a body of water infected with oil can't be proclaimed as safe for a long time.

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Unfortunately, I’m sure

Unfortunately, I’m sure you’re correct.  Recent evidence seems to support that there is a massive oil plume deep underwater that runs twenty miles or more.  Logic dictates that destruction on such a huge scale will have lasting effects on sensitive ecosystems.  Cleaning a small percentage of birds with dish detergent is a noble undertaking but sadly may be a bandaid at best.There is such an extraordinary amount of information available that we intelligent private people can only rely on logic and experience to sift through it.  Thank you, Marion, for viewing and commenting.