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It makes me want to read it...and I shall.

Beautifully done - did you do it yourself?

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Home made

Yep.  Done her all myself, I did.  (Music the exception of course.  Used a local garage band.)  Glad you liked it.  Someday, once published….

Thanks for watching.  And Sharon, I hope that today is more bearable for you.


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De-stressed in the desert.

Mara, thank you. I dropped hubby off at the airport around 6:30 a.m. When I got about a mile away from the airport, the most amazing thing happened. A blanket of peace dropped around my shoulders. I can't explain it, but suddenly I was relaxed. It almost felt like I was someone else.

I drove to my favorite morning hangout, enjoyed a light breakfast,while listening to classical music, and skimmed/read my favorite escape magazine. I didn't even leave until 10:00.

I think it may be a combination of all the encouragement from the Red Room members mixed with the knowledge, I don't have to do anything today if I don't want to. I'm trying not to think finances, or husband today...at least for awhile.

Thank you again. I so appreciate your time.

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Really exciting!

Beautiful, beautiful Maine! I miss the forest - the wildness. You've captured an essence. The books seems fascinating and very scary. Did you know that for $20/month you can subscribe to PublishersMarketplace.com and post your work in the Rights Marketplace, where agents/publishers regularly troll for projects?
Just a thought. H

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That Welsh “fairy-godmother” thing at work once again, Harrison.  Although I certainly knew of PW, I wasn’t aware of such a possibility.  I would indeed love to be “trolled for.”  

Actually the book is also very funny, but I gathered from the wisdom of the “high-concept” gospels not to confuse the public.  (Keep it a secret, but the novel is also literary and has poetry --- they can discover that later.)  Thanks for viewing my homemade attempt and thanks for the great tip. M

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Oh Mara, What a talent!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear, Dear Mara,

You are too incredible!!!! That trailer is brilliant!

 I happened on a link from Zhana (a Red Room member) that mentioned the August Agency. Their submission statement requested extraordinary books. You have one.Maybe give them a try?

In the meantime know that I am still loving and reading all of your blogs. One of my favorites was the Easter interaction and picture with your dog about celebration and being religious. It was too funny and very creative! Maybe one of your next books could be based on this trusting and loyal relationship.

 You certainly are not delusional in projecting positive thoughts about the publication of Highway To Oblivion. I, also, see "the coming to a theater near you soon" trailer and the date of the DVD release.

I consider myself lucky to interact with such a talent and genuninely great person.

Have a great day!

Mary Walsh

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     You make my day

     You make my day, as always, Mary.  I feel that I have a real supporter in my corner with your wonderful comments.  I’m so glad you liked the trailer.  It was a little tricky to make, but actually a lot of fun choreographing the pictures to fit in time with the music.  We’ll see if it helps to get an agent.  (You have to do so much self-promoting these days!)  Thanks for the link about that agency.  I’ll check it out.

I do enjoy writing the puppy blogs, so I’m glad people enjoy reading them as well.  Writing the funny stuff is a great release when I need it.  That’s a smart idea to do a book-full of her exploits.  She’s certainly got lots to say.

Again, Mary, you are too, too kind with your praise. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Best, Mara