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Apprehensive puppy
     “Tell ‘em, Mom.  Tell ‘em we can’t get out the damn driveway.”  The puppy is frantic for a Milkbone.  It’s been a day of deprivation.  The puppy does not do well with deprivation.      “Everybody’s got their own problems.  They don’t need to listen to our crap.”  I’m measuring the driveway...
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     Every week I make a solemn vow:  I will not write on the designated blog topic.  I will not!  After all, I have queries to send out, snow to shovel, insurance people to harass, a dog to train.  Stuff.  Important stuff.  Can’t be bothered with discussing a favorite story, poem, novel…and yet. ...
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     For a child, love and life are synonymous.  There is a physical, scientific need for human contact and dire consequences arise without that nurture.  I am reminded of news footage of Romanian orphans in neglected distress shaking the bars of their cribs in their hungry quest for love.  It is...
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     For those of you who crave information on the craft of writing, check out this New Yorker piece by Louis Menand on writers, writing, conferences, MFA’s, and all American authors living, dead, or possibly in utero.  Many, many interesting pages.  All you could ever hope to know about creative...
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Library Puppy
   The weather is January-dreary and the puppy has attained critical boredom overload.  She cruises my library shelves, searching for sustenance for her empty soul.  I recall last fall’s unfortunate snackfest on that copy of Diet For a Small Planet and I cringe.  I cringe a lot these days.  I...
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Highway To Oblivion
The central character in my novel Highway To Oblivion (yes, that book again) is far younger and less jaded than I and numbers Prufrock among her favorites, ever since a long-ago boyfriend read the poem to her during a tryst on a horsehair mattress at an unnamed location.  Undoubtedly a favorite of...
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Highway To Oblivion
In that novel Highway To Oblivion  (It all comes back to my book.  Without fail.)  my main character is a poet who, when confronting her own mortality, must summon the courage to evaluate her life.                      "Let me sit in the light                    and look into the dark...
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Day 97
I wrote this poem decades ago.  What and where were the tragedies?  Who was the announcer named Bob?  I don't remember.  And unfortunately, that is what makes it timeless.  Hurricane, earthquake, drought, flood, tsunami, blizzard.  It all happens to them.  I believe my writing has improved since...
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    Charlie Rose gets the most interesting folk.  Last night’s interview featured Jason Epstein, a major voice in publishing for over half a century.  Far from being a dinosaur, he actively embraces the potential of this electronic age.  Great combination of taste and business savvy.       I hold...
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Puppy Tracker
     “Holy shit!  Moose tracks!”  I estimate a good four feet between each print.      “We have a moose!  We have a moose!”  The puppy scampers through the snow, ecstatic at my discovery of tracks.  Huge tracks.  Either a moose or Big Foot on steroids.  “We have a Mickey Moose.  I love Mickey Moose...
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Model for A Year In Oblivion
     We are indistinguishable, my work and I.  I live within the cocoon of my work.  I believe that is as it should be.  Yet there is a problem.  With this blog, I have decided it’s time to confess.  I am not successful.  I am actually technically poor.  Very poor.  I return bottles and shop for...
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Highway To Oblivion
     No puppy blog this time.  Only the faintest tinge of humor.  I share with you a medical caveat based on personal experience.  But first, a relevant excerpt from that-book-that-has-everything, my novel Highway To Oblivion: “Patina was being smothered by a dirty rag held by an amorphous hand...
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"a nice deal"
Straight from PW, via Publishers Lunch, the inside skivvy on deal-dollar-jargon: "nice deal" $1 - $49,000"very nice deal" $50,000 - $99,000"good deal" $100,000 - $250,000"significant deal" $251,000 - $499,000"major deal" $500,000 and up Ergo, there...
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Puppy vacuum
     “Cleaning?  What’s cleaning?  Do I know this?  Show me.”  The puppy cocks her head and glares at me, daring me to attempt this new adventure.      “Cleaning is something people do to make their homes more healthy and attractive.  Free from all the piles of stuff in the corners and bits and...
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Day 170
Dark shapes silhouette.  Moonlight illumunes snow.  Deer stare a message.  Thin glass between.  My first guests.  I usher them in.
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