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Day 187
I who do not sing, sang with my mother carols in the nursing home;   tuneless croakings proved my love more surely, more bravely than much I had done before. The final Christmas --- vacant stares and annoyances, foul smells and pureed food and fat unfestive nurses --- so suddenly easy (why not...
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    Next week marks my eighth-month Red Room Anniversary.  (Is it emeralds or sapphires for the eighth month?  I forget.  Either are accepted with gratitude as long as they are conflict-free.)  I have finally achieved the 100-comments club and (by my count) should be included in the 100-blog-a-...
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Day 274
     Why are we so enthusiastically addicted to petunias?  And geraniums?  And gladioli?  And all things floral and screamingly colorful, easy to grow, which announce “I am here; I am planted: I have conquered my space with a little help from MiracleGro?  Asked and answered.  Asked and answered. ...
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Puppy with a system
Since I commented last fall on Phil Bronstein’s blog lamenting the passing of Gourmet Magazine, I have been inundated by requests for the tempting recipe I mentioned.  (Well, two requests, but they were most adamant at that time with the holidays fast upon us.)  So, with a doff of the chef’s toque...
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So much research, so little time.  Gotta get published, where, where, where?  What to submit?  To whom? One learns.  The process is slow and erratic, but some tentative truths of the mysteries of submissions are presenting themselves to me not unlike the floating answers in the Magic Eight Ball. 1...
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Morose Puppy
     “Do you know that you provide a valuable service?”  The puppy has been morose this week due to a case of Lyme disease and I think it’s time I cheered up the little sucker.  Time to appeal to her altruistic self.      “Me?  I do?  I’m a service!  I have service!  What’s service?”      “Well,...
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Poems For Haiti
Another video attempt on my part.  My poem The Weatherman from the recently published anthology Vwa: Poems For Haiti, edited by Lisa Marie Basile.  All proceeds go to aid Haiti relief and this 9.50 treasure can be purchased with only a tiny click at Amazon.  Buy it.  Give.  The rainy season is here...
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Day 3
I think I remember Odetta was there.  I’m sure we were singing “We Shall Overcome” because we sang it in our sleep.  Possibly Pete Seeger was there, maybe Baez, probably not Dylan.  But WE were there, and the same energy we brought to the civil rights movement, to end the war, to empower women, we...
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Lynn Henriksen
     I am honored to announce that The Story Woman, our own Lynn Henriksen, has invited me to post a guest blog on her TellTale Souls website.  Do check it out at: http://telltalesouls.com/blog.  The blog is based on my Red Room posted poem, Chaos.          Lynn herself wears many, many hats:  ...
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Linwood Albee
     My mother was an only child, a careful girl preceded by an only-child mother, equally docile and precise, so their toys and books were in remarkably pristine states when I came along.  I was also an only child and there any similarity ended.  I was not destructive, not wanton;  I merely was...
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My second video, and my ears are already perked for those Hollywood calls.  Ah, the delusions we hold.  Please watch and hopefully enjoy.  Any pointers gratefully considered.  http://www.redroom.com/video/book-trailer-highway-to-oblivion
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Day 308
I have always depended on daffodils.  This spring, slugs devour golden petals as I watch uncomprehending.  Robins batter my windows with bloodied beaks, red breasts dripping down the sills.  It is a time of reckoning, when beavers raze centuries-old oaks and nature craves a change, and...
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Post Easter discount
     “But Mom, how come we’re not religious? I’m missing out on an awful lot. Where're my little white gloves and my shiny patent-leather Mary Janes? How can the Easter Bunny find me if we’re not religious? If we were religious and prayed to God, maybe all...
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A-pumping we will go…
     “Write ‘em about the pumps.  Tell ‘em how I’ve suffered.  They’ll want to know all about it.”  The puppy spins as ever in the center of her dizzy private universe and thinks involving others will lessen the odious burdens that are hers alone to bear.       “Just how have you personally...
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Vwa:Poems for Haiti
I am honored and excited that my work has been chosen to appear in an anthology of poetry, Vwa: Poems For Haiti, edited by Red Room member Lisa Marie Basile.  After printing costs, all proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and Yele.      Vwa is the Kreyol word for...
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