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'Oh, Mom!"
     It seems like a day to reacquaint myself with nature, so armed with a trusty rusty long-handled shovel, I scour the lawn for mushrooms.  Not for my consumption (public opinion to the contrary, I am no fool) but to safeguard the feckless puppy from potential ‘shroom doom.  Huge multicolored...
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     In this time of environmental upheaval, of disasters both natural and man-made, in this time of ongoing hunger, disease, and continuing wars, it is ludicrous, ridiculous, absurd and an insult to humanity to "debate" the personal rights of human beings in the most 'freedom-loving'...
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9/11/01 Autonomic Pastel
   I lived in New York City in a seventh-floor walk-up and my kitchen window gave an unobstructed view of the construction of The Towers.  The steel rose and I watched it rise.  Part of New York.  My New York.  The city of can-do, the city of excitement, the city of promise.      I left New York...
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2010 Poetry Awards
I am thrilled to announce that my poem Charmeuse has been named second in the Carpe Articulum Literary Review 2010 Poetry Competition.  Many, many thanks to that remarkable editor Hadassah Broscova for such an elegant presentation in her glorious magazine and my grateful appreciation to Dr. James...
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Concerned puppy
    “Hey, Mom. How come you got veggies on your nose?  Do I like it?”  Her highness, the puppy, glimpses a potential snack hidden within the baggie of frozen peas that delicately hugs my nose.  I stress delicately, for there is pain.  Mucho pain.      “You head-butted me, you little pain-in-the-...
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Pakistan Floods
     It was decades ago that I scribbled this poem on a cardboard insert for a pair of Bloomingdale’s pantyhose.  I remember the weatherman at the time was a jocular New York celebrity, now long departed from the airwaves.  The disasters to which I referred have receded into non-memory for those of...
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A small person
I wish the need had not been there.  I wish it were not there still.  My poem is ‘featured’ on Poets for Living Waters, along with many others, Red Roomers Susan Browne and Evie Shockley among them.  So many thoughtful, heartstrong words.  Have we helped?  So the well is capped, they say.  See, the...
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On a table near my bed rests a feather.  It is a talisman of the finest kind, delivered to me in the way such wonders should --- by chance, discovered when most needed.  A feather snared in tall dry grasses, a symphony of browns and earth, appearing at my feet.  A symbol from an anonymous donor,...
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Highway to Oblivion
     Actually I was pretty pleased to learn that the manuscript for my novel Highway to Oblivion has been named a Short-Listed Finalist in the Faulkner-Wisdom International Competition.       Of course, now I’ll really have to rewrite the bio…
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Building Site
     As a child, alone but never lonely, I formed at the base of trees small structures, their architecture fantastic as a dream, the framework of their mossy roots welcoming as home.  I imagined myself the elf, inhabiting those ferny rooms, constantly creating further chambers, at peace.  Enclosed...
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Puppy with a fan
     “I have a fan.  I have a fan.”  The puppy struts around proudly, nose haughtily in the air.  “But fans make me sneeze.  Blows up all that dust in this filthy, filthy house.  You otta clean it, Mom.  Filthy, filthy, eck!”  The Princess has spoken to the Commoner.  This commoner is more than...
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Summer Meadow
An artist always owns her work, a writer does as well.  Just as surely as children, they share our DNA.
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The Elements
     There were once writers who became friends on a website in cyberspace, never meeting except through the mindfulness of their words.  These women formed elements which supported and contrasted.  They sensed each other’s despairs and joys on a level that was instinctive.       One was by far...
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Recycling puppy
     Today is penciled in as a day of accomplishment. Start the week with a positive attitude. Nothing can stop me. I’m the captain of my fate, the mistress of my soul, yada, yada, yada. Then it begins. The second driveway contractor whom I had spent almost...
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