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Autonomic Drawing c2001 MaraBuck
     The ongoing coverage of those dark September days of 2001 focused on myriad stories of unspeakable loss and mind-numbing heroism, of heartwrenching sorrow, of uniting horror, yet today ten years later, one brief interview unseen by most brings a tear to me, one moment...
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Autonomic Drawing c2001 by MaraBuck
I am honored that this video of my drawings and poetry has been included as a small part of the 9/11 Memorial Museum Website.  Words and art never seem adequate against horror, yet it is ultimately all we can do.  http://registry.national911memorial.org/view_artist.php?aid=585
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luna moth
A luna moth hangs on the lower mullion of my kitchen door.  Delicate, dying perhaps, the most beautiful thing, brilliant green against the blood-red, reverse colors of a Christmas ornament.  On the gray and maroon mottled slate of the porch, lurking beneath a glass patio table is a brown-mottled...
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Remember :I never promised pearls of wisdom --- only plastic pop-beads from the flea market,endless strings, crazy colors.             c2011 MaraBuck 
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Peter Falk (Creative Commons)
Manhattan.  A relatively small island, but like the Maltese Falcon, the stuff of dreams, the stuff of memory.      I am in a drawing class at the Art Students’ League, that sprawling behemoth of skylit studio spaces and turpentine-scented corridors where during the past hundred years every American...
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(Whenever the weight of the world descends, flattening me like the clichéd bug-on-a-windshield, it’s time for a Puppy Blog…)      “Whatcha doin’ mom.  Why ya clapping?  Are you clapping for me cause I’m sooo beautiful and I’m such a great ballerina?”  It’s always about the puppy.  The universe...
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Day 356
In marmalade is memory of my father’s workworn hands at the round oak kitchen table early in the morning, yellow sunshine on the orange goodness in the Dundee crock from which this pen now comes  while all is morning stillness once again.
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I was very pleased to have the following published on MyDaily, via the HuffPost, all due to the intrepid Red Room Executive Editor, Gina Misiroglu.  Thanks so much, Gina.  Thanks, all. ----      I don’t remember which program the news bulletin interrupted.  I remember the familiar room, the...
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Puppy Dance
     “But, Mom, wassa toof?  Don’t know what toof is?”  The puppy has great concerns now that I’ve had my wisdom tooth extracted, since I can’t talk well and she is, after all, adept at communication.  Or considers herself to be.      “Sound it out, Mom. T---ooo---ffff?  Sounds like tofu.  I really...
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Caper Journal
Just discovered that my poem “The girl who wanted to be a painting” has placed second in Caper Literary Journal’s Maravillosa Contest.  I’m very pleased. http://caperlitjournal.weebly.com/5/post/2010/11/mara-buck-maravillosa-contest-winner-2nd-place-poetry.html The editor, Red Room’s own Lisa...
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Day 313
 There is in the annals of nature photography a famous image of a frog eating a frog eating a frog.  Cannibals all.  Voracious appetites.  What does that say about anything?  About the creatures of the earth and air and water?      This morning the puppy...
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     From where does courage come?  From the stomach-churned battle cry for Freedom, screamed in every language from the time humans first sought to enslave that most basic right?  From the faces of the hungry and the war-torn, too ill themselves to fight and who must look to the strong for...
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     There are days when all is golden and the sky is soft and life is a smooth breath that we inhale without thought to its origins.  Yet on this planet we are interconnected now in ways heretofore undreamed of;  the pain of one drowned at sea or trapped under the earth is known and felt by all,...
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Olfactory puppy
     “Did you drink the water from the wheelbarrow?”  It’s a rhetorical question aimed at the wayward puppy, but as a Mom, it’s my duty to ask.  Pristine dog-water is always provided in a polished stainless dish in a puppy-convenient holder.  Unfortunately it is the rusty aforementioned wheelbarrow...
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Me/Not Me
The latest issue of Caper Literary Journal edited by Red Room’s own Lisa Marie Basile is ‘hot off the presses’ crammed with stellar poems, prose and interviews, and, oh yes, all artwork supplied by me.  I am more than pleased by the opportunity.  Exercise your fingers and click away… http://...
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