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  Weary with work and years,  my father would never make it through to midnight and he would snore as the ball dropped, and on the floral sofa --- the one with the dog-chewed arms --- my mother would every year nudge him, there it is, look it’s happening, and he would roll his eyes open...
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       It was the Holiday Season and both the Christians and the Pseudo-Christians, as well as those Jews for whom Hanukah had never quite measured up, barraged the stores (both discounted and upscale) in the immense shopping centers, and festooned their homes (both...
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  Make sure to include all available ammunition, accessories, heavy metal of all kinds; toss in a can of gun oil or two. Ribbons, holiday paper to individual taste. Gather a pailfull of rocks; granite is optimum. Acquire coffin, hopefully sans occupant, but, if occupied, move body gently over...
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   Do we know the facts?  Do we really need to?  The words “children shot and killed” are more than enough.  Is there a why?  Can there ever be?  I will repost this, the shooting of another child, not two years ago, evidence that those in American who abide by the...
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  There is a small spot of light on the bark of the ash tree. In winter the bark is subtle, smooth, a non-color.  And this light spot glows as if lit from within, a tiny beacon among the darker trunks.   If it were not for the shadows, I would never have noticed the light. The...
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  Fell asleep last night with my glasses on while reading.  Awoke this morning with exceedingly blurry vision.  Stumbled to the coffee pot --- luckily I know the way by route.  Caffeine not helpful, sight still blurry.  At least the blurring is even.  Both eyes....
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  One sentence --- In this time of environmental upheaval, of disasters both natural and man-made, in this time of ongoing hunger,  disease, and continuing wars, it is ludicrous, ridiculous, absurd, and an insult to humanity,  to hold the nation and the entire world hostage to...
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  To my peeps and homies, please excuse, I shall be absent for a nanosecond, because, ahem… I cannot go out Today to play, For I am writing A book. Cannot deal with The superficial, The insipid, Inconsequential --- Please take note, For I am writing A book. Have no time For you Or me Or even...
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  A large NYU building sits on the site of the Triangle shirtwaist fire, and I passed the brass plaque daily when I was a student.  What will serve to commemorate the deaths of more doe-eyed girls trapped in Bangladesh one hundred years later? The Triangle The brass plaque haunts my...
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  Despite the recent ceasefire in Gaza, war continues to be the norm, the natural state of affairs in too many spots on this spinning globe.  The UN decrees a day in September to be an International Day of Peace.  I decree that such a day must be every day.  The players change,...
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  Let us gather The spirit is great for some --- For some, the flesh unwilling.  Remembrance strong-gnawing At the bloodied bone,  Still screams, massacres Echo centuries Of denial and desecration. A festival of conquest Becomes a feast of family, Where this day the uninvited claw At...
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  She lived, she wrote, she died.  And just before her end came at ninety-eight, her novel was published by a university press.  (Decades earlier, Bennett Cerf of Random House had praised it, yet killed it.)  A trick of fate that Steinbeck’s book beat hers to the printers, but...
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  Today there are people sweating in the fields, in the mines, in the factories. Today there are other people clinking cocktails on yachts.  Is today Labor Day?  No, but every day, for many people, is labor day.      My father worked in a brick mill until long...
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  Her eyes mirror a thousand tomorrows, And thousands beyond. A tide of pain decrees her legacy. Cassocked men weep And shrug and turn their heads, Wash their Pilate-hands. Martyr to yesterday,  Innocence outshines  The lights of a thousand candle Flames, begging the Question...
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  Can I comment intelligently on the most recent horrors in the Middle East?  Can I not?  Do I have the facts?  Does anyone?  So I will not take the side of this or that religion, this or that ethnicity, this or that government, and I will insist that a rose is a rose is...
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