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     ‘Mara Buck lives in the woods.  She hopes to leave one day.’  So reads the bio from my last submission.  I felt it was succinct, catchy, even jingle-esque, but when pitted against those of my professional peers whose work is oft accepted, I now bow to convention and recognize that the pithiness of the above may not be appreciated by all.  Thus, it is high time to write a real bio. 

     Finally!  An enticing opportunity to write about an all-time favorite subject --- me, me, me.  And let’s not forget myself and I.  It appears the world is clamoring for information about the wonderfulness that is I.  (First note:  excelled in eighth-grade grammar, not included in prior bios, now to be added.) 

     Previously I leaned towards abbreviating whenever possible to use the least amount of columnar space.  (Second notation:  I must learn to expand that which was previously abbreviated into complete, complex and compound sentences to further augment the biography, from thence into paragraph structure.) 

     Ah, now to enhance the material in such a way as to shelter the delicate egos of those less fantastic than I, while still projecting myself into the stratosphere status of “She For Whom Imminent Publication Is Assured.”  A delicate balance.  There must be a handbook available.   Another notation.  

     Also, there’s that pesky age thing.  A lovely British author recently made her ‘debut’ at 82.  Whereas I have decades before I approach such senior status, I am always cognizant that our society insists on adding a person’s age as a suffix to the name, as identifying as an AARP plastic card abruptly stating that one is no longer a Wunderkind.  Reinterpreting the truth gets tricky however, since I’ll have to fit the fabulousness of all my accomplishments into a shorter span.  Can I overlap?  Will anyone notice?  I’m getting out the calculator and that dog-eared calendar from the last century.  This might take a little longer than anticipated.

     Writing ‘all about me’ is not as easy as first assumed.  Perhaps I could take a course in “creating one’s bio for fun and profit” and then naturally I will be perfectly justified to add said course to the biography.  I shall make a notation.

     Meanwhile, I think I’ll tweak my initial snappy statement.  “Mara Buck lives in the woods.  She intends to leave one day.  Soon. ” 

     There.  Significantly improved. 

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I love it...

I think your bio, Mara, is just perfect! Soon...you will be published!

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It’s actually rather like rehabbing an old house, Nan.  You fuss and fuss and fuss and then say, oh well, let’s do something more meaningful right now…like fix the plumbing!  Thanks for the vote of confidence. ~Mara

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Suggestion, send this blog

Suggestion, send this blog as your bio - done deal! m

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Oh, Mary.  I love the way

Oh, Mary.  I love the way your mind works!  That’s why I pay you the big bucks to be my agent… M

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You could add...Soon after

You could add...Soon after her novel is a best seller.
I agree writing a bio isn't easy, so why not write a bio-vignette - you know, that short, true tale I ask people to write about someone other than themselves? Novel idea, no?

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About that best-seller thing…

Thanks for even thinking along those lines, Lynn.  I love the idea of a bio-vignette, and again, all about me, me, me.  Tis a novel idea for contemplation!

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Hmm...so, maybe... Sharon Walling, lives in a savannah in Africa. She intends to leave one day. (I can't add the soon since I'm not there yet.

Mara, your writing is delightful - I've always said humor is a funny thing. And you have done it well. Pithy, pointed and patently perfect.

I find the most difficult thing for me is to write "something good about myself." I can write easily of all the mistakes, and stupid choices. But when it comes to good...I stumble.

I agree with Mary. This blog...great bio!

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True Romance

Oh, Sharon, your savannah trumps my forest for romantic intrigue! 

I so agree with you about writing the ‘good’ stuff --- almost impossible for some of us to do.  Thus, I turn to humor.

With you and Mary behind me, I’ve decided to add this blog as my bio for my next submission and it will either make or break an agent’s day!

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Hi Mara,

I thought I'd give it a try. "Mara Buck lives in the woods. If people were trees, she would live in the world too. Trees are proud, faithful, grounded, just like her. One day she will leave the woods, but she will never forget the trees."


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Arbor Day

I’ve never been given a nicer compliment, Thierry!  I can only dream to deserve such a bio. 

 Lovely.  Thanks. 


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You're welcome, Mara. Now for a humorous take on your bio, here we go. One sentence, unbeatable.
"Mara Buck is not yet out of the woods."

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Sounds like a headline,

Sounds like a headline, thierry!  Terrific.  News at eleven.