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The perils of reading in bed…


Fell asleep last night with my glasses on while reading.  Awoke this morning with exceedingly blurry vision.  Stumbled to the coffee pot --- luckily I know the way by route.  Caffeine not helpful, sight still blurry.  At least the blurring is even.  Both eyes.

     Enter, the puppy.  “Why ya so upset, mom?  You’re falling all over stuff.  Clumsy.  Oughtta take ballet like me.  Makes ya graceful.”  To prove her point, my darling executes a pirouette and knocks me backwards onto the bed.  I’ve had less comfortable landings.

    “I can’t see well, even with my glasses.  Everything’s blurry.” 

    “Don’t understand why stuff is blurry.  You complain too much.  When you was sleeping, I lapped off your glasses real good.  Both sides.  Right after I finished my bone.”


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Yet another reason I will not live with non-humans.

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But Ron, ...

aren't you a human, and haven't you ever licked someone's glasses? 

 And here I thought you were a kinky backwoods poet!

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Kinky, you say?

Kinky, yes; but glasses?  No.

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That pup got you good. 

That pup got you good. 

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She's always pleased when she

She's always pleased when she renders what she considers to be a service!

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Too funny, Mara and I felt

Too funny, Mara and I felt sure I was the only one who thought Ron kinky! m

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Ah, ha, Mary,

perhaps kinky is reflected in the eyeglasses of the beholder!  Glad the puppy offered you a chuckle.  M