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Publishing legend Jason Epstein

    Charlie Rose gets the most interesting folk.  Last night’s interview featured Jason Epstein, a major voice in publishing for over half a century.  Far from being a dinosaur, he actively embraces the potential of this electronic age.  Great combination of taste and business savvy. 

     I hold a soft spot for Jason whom I remember as the straight-shooting go-to guy when I was a child at Random House.  Glad to see him again.

     A genuinely interesting bit of television on topics relevant to us all.   Worth watching at:


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Look at That...

You in Maine, me in Colorado, writing away like mad hatters at the same time.

Thanks for your words on the loss of my mare and foal, and for sharing this anniversary with me. Very glad you have a new canine companion and you got me going, as you'll see.

Later tonight I'll read those chapters you mentioned. You might send a query to Eastern Washington University Press; they have a website: sorry I don't have URL on hand...xj

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More than snow...

is the common denominator, Jennne’.

Thanks for the info.  Alas, EUP is not currently accepting submissions.  Good source for stories, poetry.  Will add them to The List!