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I wish the need had not been there.  I wish it were not there still.  My poem is ‘featured’ on Poets for Living Waters, along with many others, Red Roomers Susan Browne and Evie Shockley among them.  So many thoughtful, heartstrong words.  Have we helped?  So the well is capped, they say.  See, the water looks cleaner, doesn’t it? they say.  And I’m sure they have much more to say.  I must admit I have ceased to listen.    

Click, read, and no, enjoy is not really the word --- perhaps muse is better. http://poetsgulfcoast.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/to-corporate-headquarters-a-memo-by-mara-buck

A small video of my poem can be seen - http://www.redroom.com/video/to-bp-corporate-headquartersa-memo  

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I feel the strength in the passion of your poem. It is particularly stirring hearing it read.

I, too, have ceased to listen. The truth is - it isn't over.

Thank you for posting.

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Sharon, my friend, I know

Sharon, my friend, I know how passionately you care, especially given your connection to the region.  Thanks for being there, as always.