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On kindness - For Pat
Day 92

     A dear friend, a close friend whom I lost too soon to cancer said to me, when I congratulated her on having raised five daughters, she said with assurance, “They are all kind girls.  They are all kind.”  I am not given to tears nor overt sentiment nor the thoughtfulness of birthday cards, yet those simple words still resonate years after her death as a legacy to me, the action me, the brash me, the me of the ready quip.  A gentle admonition.    

     It is no accident that I persist in dis-remembering the Matthew Arnold poem as “Ah, love let us be kind to one another.”  For it is with kindness that the darkling plain does indeed grow brighter. 

     “They are all kind.”  All we can truthfully strive for in our relationships when all else fails.  And my friend?  She too was kind.  Me?  I can only try.

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Your kindness is on this

Your kindness is on this page. m

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From you

From you, Mary, that comment means so much.  Thank you.

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Mara, you are more than

Mara, you are more than welcome and by the way did you paint the clouds? They are so lovely. m

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I only just read your lyrical, poignant poem, which my pastel inadvertently illustrates.  This work is one in a series of 365 pastels, paintings, drawings and collages comprising a large installation project to be mounted on 52 doors.  Ah, someday!  My “Image Gallery” showcases a smaller door project as well as more of my art.

Mary, you have such a beloved RR following, and I am such a newbie, that I have been hesitant to add my own little comments to your work.  I promise I shall correspond more in future.

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I am happy to meet you and

I am happy to meet you and learn about your life and your art. Your words are so full of kindness and sensitivity and depth. m