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New article published on MyDaily for Father’s Day

I was very pleased to have the following published on MyDaily, via the HuffPost, all due to the intrepid Red Room Executive Editor, Gina Misiroglu.  Thanks so much, Gina.  Thanks, all. ----

     I don’t remember which program the news bulletin interrupted.  I remember the familiar room, the windows warm with September sun, and the shock of the black and white horror spewing hate sharp as shrapnel into our lives from the innocuous box in the corner.  School photos flashed across the screen.  Their names.  Their ages.  Four girls.  Sunday School girls with perky hats and white gloves and little purses so like their mothers.  Without warning on a golden morning, their lovely black skin suddenly bomb-burned, the flowers on their hats now funeral flowers, four so abruptly dead from hate. 

Click on this link to read the rest:  http://www.mydaily.com/2011/06/17/how-i-discovered-and-learned-to-live-with-my-fathers-bigotry

Again, many thanks to Gina Misiroglu and the ever-supportive Red Room.    

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I'm almost breathless.

So good to see this published.
I can identify with your feeling when you realized someone you love had that prejudice thing. I remember too much of the black/white mess during the sixties. Beautifully illustrated, Mara. I could smell the chalk pastels and the old wood box with the machine oil odors. And I love that you can love and not understand each other.

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All too many of us can

All too many of us can relate, and prejudice still continues, although more closeted today. However, only stock generic characters in poorly-conceived novels are all ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and I’m so pleased that message came across here (although you, Sharon, the most sensitive and supportive of writers, have grasped that yourself long ago.) And yes, the oak machinist’s chest has a prominent place in my studio.
Alas, journalism pieces are edited for reasons unknown to the author, so here is the ‘unabridged’ and original final sentence --- “Perhaps he is now here with me, protective in his way, neither of us understanding the other, not at all.” ~M

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Our fathers, our shades

Thank you for this, Mara. Good writing will always catch my breath for a moment, make me read it again, cause me to close my eyes make the words my own. But now and again someone's words mirror my own experience so perfectly that I gasp and wonder for a moment if we were actually both there. I was an active civil rights and antiwar activist in the 60's and my own father, a returned POW who wrapped every thought in the flag, didn't speak to me for a decade. At the last minute we worked it out, and even 24 years after his death, I know he's there every time I pick up a hammer.  BRAVA!

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Exactly, John. There was a

Exactly, John. There was a generation gap between our fathers and us unlike any before.  Those of us protesting for peace and civil rights broke the continuity of philosophy, but luckily in both your case and mine, we didn’t break the continuity of love.  And yes, I built my house with my father’s hammer, and that’s not just metaphor. 

I have read your stunning memoir of your father and left a comment on your page.  Although my father was on a minesweeper in the Pacific and didn’t to my knowledge engage in one on one contact with the enemy, his delusions at the end of his life were of fighting hand to hand.  Only the dead return unwounded.

Thank you so much.

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Such a strong piece

Am so glad this received the wider audience it deserved.

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Thanks, Sue, as ever for

Thanks, Sue, as ever for your loyal support.  I’m always grateful for that.  M

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Once again, Mara, you've written a superb piece

Your final (unedited)sentence was stunning! Please keep writing these deeply personal and evocative articles. I'm moved by each one of them.


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Jeff, you have been so

Jeff, you have been so supportive with your radio show and countless examples of your sharing my work. What a friend!  And I appreciate your appreciation of the ‘original’ version! :) Thanks. M

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Excellent writing, Mara...

and so expressive, too. Sharon is right...I could see and smell it all. Well done, very poignant writing. Thanks for sharing this with the world. ~nan

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I was very pleased to have

I was very pleased to have this published, Nan, and your wonderful comments make it really worthwhile.  Thanks so much. ~ Mara