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Luck: life and death in a nano-second

      I live in the woods.  I am lucky.  I did not get hit by a bus today.

     A pithy little message.  The luck of the Zen.  Speaks to the topic without any heavy typing.  I had thought I would sneak it into the blog before driving to the post office.  This was forty minutes ago. 

     After having checked a few other blogs, I decide to have a second cup of coffee, and I procrastinate until I hear the helicopters.  Despite torrential rains to the south, we in Maine are entering a period of high fire danger, and there are fire-spotter flyovers from the ranger stations.  This one seems to be hovering just out of sight behind the trees.  Not normal, so I drive up my long driveway to the road to investigate.  Perhaps filming a movie?  It does happen.  Something interesting in the woods.

     Much, much too interesting.  How did I miss hearing the sirens, the firetrucks, the rescue wagons?  The two-lane blacktop outside my gate is choked with vehicles, flashing red and blue lights, and a series of helicopters transport the victims of a three car crash.  Four people cut from the twisted steel already with a couple more to go.  As I write this, another helicopter takes off over my house and my stomach lurches for those inside. 

     A sunny spring morning.  A gentle curve.  A neighbor has thrown on a safety-yellow vest, directs traffic to turn around, offers his opinion that text-messaging was involved.  “Cain’t blame the weather.  No, suh.  Jeezum.”   The copter takes off.   

     Another copter is coming.  When will they stop?

     I estimate that had I not decided to write my little blog, had I not decided on that second coffee, had I not changed my shoes, I would have been on that curve just beyond my driveway at that very time, on my way to the post office worrying about mailing the Visa bill and worrying about paying the next one.  Luck?  My good luck --- and their bad? 

     I am fast on the horn.  Perhaps had I been there I could have warned someone.  Luck.  Or lack thereof.

     My giri to the universe increases.

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I was very moved and drawn in by this story, by the immediacy of the writing. The sickening sound of the helicopters and what they mean was very visceral. I could feel it. I appreciated the importance of the story. Thank you.

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Immediacy is the very word.  I felt that I was a journalist on the spot.  Thank you, Marta, for reading and caring.

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Mara, I too felt the

Mara, I too felt the immediacy here. I felt a knot in my stomach reading about the experience and feel bad for the people. I am so very glad you procrastinated yesterday and are safe. My, my, how these moments can really put life in perspective. So many "nano-seconds" yet to be had both pleasant and not so much...

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Amazing how gut-wrenching an innocent noise can be, Rebb, when heard in an emotional context.  Ironic that a luck blog did indeed bring me possibly life-saving luck.  I shall treasure my nano-seconds.  Thanks for understanding.