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It’s nice to be noticed…

I’m from Maine and I live in the woods.  My email is sporadic and my snail mail is based on the whimsy of the local crows.  Thus, I’m always inordinately pleased when those in the big world outside my gate read my words and give me little boosts of encouragement.  To wit, thanks are due…


Thanks to the kind folks at the Faulkner-Wisdom Foundation for naming one of my short stories as a semi-finalist this year.  Also many thanks to them for choosing the manuscript of my new Maine novella as a semi-finalist as well.


Thanks to Patasola Press for including my work in their upcoming anthology.  The ever-amazing Lisa Marie Basile is tireless in her support of writers.


Thanks to “Drunken Boat” for including a portfolio of my works from “A Year in Oblivion” in their current issue.


Thanks to “Gemini” for choosing “Mud Season” as a ‘noteworthy’ story from the one-thousand-plus they received.


For those of us who labor in obscurity, a pat on the back beats a kick in the butt every time.  Grateful thanks to those who offer those pats of encouragement.

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Big World

I, too, am always happy when something I've written here in Vermont's most northeastern corner, land of the bilingual stopsign & the fur-bearing laketrout,  reaches out to the wider world.

I'm heading on over to the Drunken Boat right now.  Congrats of these latest succcesses.


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Out here in the real boonies we don't need no friggin' stopsigns! Oh, you cultured Vermonters!

Thanks so much, Ron for the kind words.  I actually compiled this short list to remind myself that I hadn't toiled entirely in oblivion ...

Enjoy the choppy waters of Drunken Boat! 

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You have my admiration! Congratulations on your success! Wishing you much more.