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If it ain’t broke…
Concerned puppy

    “Hey, Mom. How come you got veggies on your nose?  Do I like it?”  Her highness, the puppy, glimpses a potential snack hidden within the baggie of frozen peas that delicately hugs my nose.  I stress delicately, for there is pain.  Mucho pain.

     “You head-butted me, you little pain-in-the-ass.  I distinctly heard my nose crack.  I really think you broke it.”  Within a minute my nose has turned a dismal maroon and the bridge has adopted a distinctive Art Nouveau S-curve.  I am not surprised to see that neither color nor contour add to my overall attractiveness.    

     “Are you sure it was me?  I would have remembered that.”  The puppy attempts to sniff the baggie, correctly interprets the glare in my soon-to-be-swollen eyes, and backs away tentatively.  “Let’s just say that if I did do it, I’m sure I had a good reason.”  The baggie proves to be defective of course, and a lone frozen pea escapes.  She retrieves it with gusto, contemplates the situation, and spits the soggy pea out on my lap.  “See.  I’m helping.  All better?”

     I readjust the baggie, giving my darling a peek at the disgusting mess her upward bounce hath wrought.  “Do I look all better?”

     “Ick!  That’s really gross.  But let’s consider the positives here.  That swelling smoothes out your wrinkles.  And I like purple.  It’s such a pretty color.  And with the yellow it’s sorta like an Easter egg.  Do we have any?  I really like the marshmallow kind.  If we don’t have any eggs, can I have some more of those peas?  All for me?” 

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which came first...

the broken nose or the dog jumping for your nose? Either way, best of luck with the healing! Purple is my favorite color, by the way! ~nan

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Ooh, no excuses for the puppy, Nan.  It was definitely a dog head to my nose connection!  Purple has its place but not an attractive skin shade, although it evens out the freckles quite nicely.  Xrays say it’s ‘probably’ not broken. Thanks for the well wishes. ~Mara

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Puppy Paisley

Perhaps she was going for an art nouveau look. I hope by now you are back to your beautiful normal self. Does Puppy eat peas?

A fun read, though - not a fun incident, I'm sure.
Heal quickly, friend.

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Fading finally into oblivion

Puppy insists on a varied diet.  Last night she dined on steak followed by the ingestion of a tiny toad, so surf and turf.

 Let us not make fun of the sacred paisley!  Thanks, my friend, for hanging in there.

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Poor Mara

Thith pubby hath rooned your nothe for now, but I hope not forever. Pleathe keep up with the peathe. Thilly dog.


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Espethily thilly dog!  Peathe haf done vewy well.  Breafing back.  Fanks for cheerth, Mara

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Oh dear.

Glad it wasn't broken. Forgive me for laughing about the pea falling out.

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A painful lesson

For me at least.  Although it does seem that the puppy is just a teansey bit more thoughtful..