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Harvest season…
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My recent shaking of the submission tree is beginning to bear fruit. I am very pleased to announce that the literary journal Pithead Chapel has selected my essay “Florence and Marion” for their October issue.

What a lovely way to begin the month!



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Congratulations, Mara...well

Congratulations, Mara...well deserved.  May this be the first of many journals for your writings.  ~nan

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I whine a lot, but

actually, I have had a few minor successes before, but there's been a long dry spell. The puppy suggests that submitting might be the key, and I do believe she may be onto something!  

Thanks for all the encouragement, nan. You're the best!


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The puppy is a wise one, and

The puppy is a wise one, and she is right: keep submitting! :)


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The wisdom of

dog drool! In the interests of career-enrichment (gasp) I have spent an absurd amount of time signng up for Twitter and have managed a couple strangled chirps. This self-promotion stuff is hard!

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My hat is off to you,

My hat is off to you, Mara

...and keep shaking that tree!!! mx

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But, Mary,

my dear, I can clearly see your headcovering is still intact! I'd keep it on, if I were you, since shaking that tree has indeed brought down a few more pieces of fruit, but their edible status has yet to be determined! How's that for metaphor? Somehow, I've a craving for a lovely Irish apple pie... perhaps a few more quick shakes.

Thanks really. You're always so supportive! Mxx

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No Doubt


Wonderful news! There's no doubt in my mind that more publications will follow. You write with conviction and your voice is true and elegant.



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 I'd been busy writing and

 I'd been busy writing and had totally ignored submitting. So, we'll see what develops!

I couldn't ask for higher praise than what  you've written here, Jules. Thanks so much!