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How lovely that Pete Seeger is still with us.  I’m sure he’s even more pleased than I.  While I was enjoying his PBS biography, it occurred to me how closely married his history is to the history of this country, the peace, the justice, the fight for the planet.  I was dreading that the end of the program would be a requiem, but no, like Joe Hill and Tom Joad, Pete lives on wherever he is needed.  It is fitting that such a virtuous life has been rewarded with love and longevity. 

I strongly recommend the program and I highly recommend singing a stanza of “We Shall Overcome” every now and then when the mood strikes.  One person can indeed make a difference. 

Thanks, Pete.

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I have a broken banjo pick Pete threw away at a small college concert he played in, like, 1969. I'm not generally a keep of such stuff, but this pick almost put out one of my eyes, so I took it as a sign. He tossed it right aftyer he finished singing "Ticky-Tacky," one of my all-time fave anti-conformity anthems.

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I was just catching up with your tract house post, when this comment came in, mentioning “ticky-tacky” as one of your faves.  Hmmmm...

Ron, that documentary gave me chills that one person’s passion has had such positive lasting results.  At ninety-plus he still sails the now-cleaner Hudson River and hands out peace-leaflets on street corners and shares the credit with anyone who ever signed a petition. 

Hang onto that pick and we thank you kindly for your participation.

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I'll have to try to find the

I'll have to try to find the PBS biography - sounds like it was too good to miss.

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The Power of Song

Documentary made a couple years ago, is Pete Seeger:The Power of Song, part of the American Masters Series on PBS.  Contains some powerful statements on America and thankfully, how far we’ve come in the past 50 years.

Such a nice man.  You just want to live next door and share a muffin in the morning.