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Crayoned popularity

I want funny valentines

like schoolkids slide

into crepe-paper decorated boxes,

when pride swells and

hearts break at whim,

all for the tritely-colored

pieces of die-cut cardboard. 

I want them. 

I want the most in the class. 

Then they’ll all see

that I am truly loved.

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Nice poem. Just once I

Nice poem. Just once I wanted the cute boy I liked to like me back...it took me a long time for that to happen.

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True Love

I only hope you married him in a fairy-tale wedding and are living happily everafter with paid-up mortgage and healthcare.  Thanks for the comment, Nancy.

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Neat poem...

Stirs memories.

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Thanks for reading, Sue. 

Thanks for reading, Sue.  Makes you wonder whatever happened to all that flammable crepe-paper…believe it or not, I still have a few of the valentines, but I’ll never tell who the senders were.