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Inside/Outside, Work 18

By the numbers on my dashboard, I see that quite a few of you have visited the art on my media page.  I really appreciate your dropping by.  For a weekend mini-vacation, I invite all of you to stroll through a fresh posting of my visual art.  Come as you are.  Guaranteed easy on the feet!   

     The luxury of living deep in the Maine woods brings me fresh artistic inspiration daily ---  invariably reflective, sometimes expansive, only occasionally boring.  I label my artistic process Lyric Spontaneity, personal lines or brushstrokes evolved from a lifetime of art expressed in spontaneous gesture.  I believe that the most memorable art is personal on a universal level, and so for the past several years I have explored the connection between cumulative time and my artwork of the day. 

     I have created “A Year In Oblivion,” a fifteen-hundred-square-foot installation project of 52 doors freestanding in an inverse/obverse spiral maze.  Viewers encounter 365 works of art as they physically walk through a year in my life.  My art of each day is displayed upon doors salvaged from anonymous donors to suggest a universal time frame, and my daily personal experiences acquire further shades of implication when presented upon the fabric of others’ lives.  Photographing and physically mounting this installation is in itself an ongoing and daunting task.  Adding bits and pieces to my media page will be an ongoing process as well. 

     The work I have just posted, entitled  “Inside/Outside,” is a smaller outgrowth of the larger project, an installation of three salvaged doors arranged as a free-standing screen.  The “Inside” of each door is decorated with seven daily spontaneous artworks in collage, pastel, oil, or watercolor, reflecting the weather, family circumstances, or my mood at the time of creation.  The “Outside” of each door displays various common items which suggest imaginary scenarios between the found objects and their relationships to the doors, to their former owners and to the artworks hidden on the other side.  Each viewer will bring his or her own experiences to the interpretation.

     Doors form such an integral part of our lives, yet how conscious are we of what lies on the other side?  Of what hands may have opened these doors and may have briefly or irrevocably touched us?  Of what each humble piece of wood has itself experienced in an existence that may prove longer than our own?

     Doors simultaneously entrap and shelter.  They obscure and reveal.  My poem, attached to the first collage of Inside/Outside, describes the phenomenon:

                                                A gilded cage is where you find it.
                                                The bars rust and tarnish,
                                                yet it still cries, “Home,”
                                                as you stay, like a canary
                                                with its little door open to the sky
                                                and sing indoor songs.



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Knock knock. Who's there?

Knock knock. Who's there? [smile] Awesome Mara. You are indeed a Renaissance woman. Amazingly talented.
Your friend,______Michael

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Where's Spielberg?

Thanks for such kind words, Michael.  I’m struggling on both the writing and art careers, but when I make a breakout in one, it should hopefully support the other.  This huge door project is why I need to learn about filming, to make a virtual trailer which will explain the project to a gallery or museum, because frankly so far very few people have “gotten” the maze-like concept.  Gotta walk ‘em through it. 

Glad you’re feeling better.

All the best, Mara