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Carpe Articulum
2010 Poetry Awards

I am thrilled to announce that my poem Charmeuse has been named second in the Carpe Articulum Literary Review 2010 Poetry Competition.  Many, many thanks to that remarkable editor Hadassah Broscova for such an elegant presentation in her glorious magazine and my grateful appreciation to Dr. James Ulmer for his selection.  I am honored and touched. 

(Forgive me, but I’m so excited I seem to be spewing adjectives.)

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Congratulations Mara!

I love hearing great news, and I especially love hearing of wonderful things happening to wonderful people.
Thanks for sharing Mara... I am celebrating your honor along with you!

Big hugs,


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My favorite ballerina,

My favorite ballerina, I’ve been following your accomplishments as well.  Melinda, thanks so much.  It truly means a lot.

Big hugs right back atya!  Mara

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That's excellent news, Mara!

That's excellent news, Mara! I'm thrilled right along with you.

Pop! Another great occasion for some bubbly! Cheers!

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You’ve been such a strong

You’ve been such a strong support, Rebb, for such a long time.  I lift a glass to your friendship!  Thanks.  

PS:  I want to catch up on all your exploits!  Hear me running to keep up!

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So good to hear good news! - it's good!

Congratulations, Mara! I am close to being equally thrilled, I think. I love the poem. I love the magazine. You are so deserving. At the risk of sounding medieval, Huzzah!

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The presentation is

The presentation is absolutely stunning, as you know.  A humble poet from Maine couldn’t ask for anything more elegant.  You have been so supportive, my dear friend, that I do believe you are equally thrilled in your generous soul.  And I do believe your day will come sooner than you think.Thanks, Sharon, for being a believer!

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Levitation Is In Order!

I think you already are levitating! So cool! I salute you!!!


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Oh, you California people!

Do you levitate, Christine?  I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, but being published in such a sumptuous journal certainly has buoyed me up! 

Thanks for the salute!  Mara

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Great news..

Adjectives are definitely in order! Congratulations.

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It is an absolutely gorgeous

It is an absolutely gorgeous magazine, Sue, meticulously-edited, with razor-sharp photography suitable for framing.  It was the poem about my aunt’s wedding dress.  She would be so honored.  Perhaps she knows. 

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Wow this is an honor

I was introduced to this wonderful literary magazine by Harrison Solow and have been active in supporting all the news she has given about her interview with her husband, her prizes and everything else she shares.

We are good friends too Mara and I am so thrilled for you I am *jumping up and down*.

I'm off to tweet this and tell the world.


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Tweet away!

I’m smiling at the thought of your jumping up and down, Michael, scattering the coffee cups in your writing café! 

And I do appreciate that ‘tell the world’ part, because only those who know me well realize how acutely painful it is for me to ‘toot my own horn’ as my grandmother used to say.  Alas, such now is the way of the world --- but it’s lovely to let a friend ‘tweet’ for you!

Thanks always, Mara

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Mara - I am so excited for

Mara - I am so excited for you - I admire the editor for taking your talent to this platform! Congratulations. I know how lonely it can be without locating a home for your words - all I can add is that I AM HAPPY FOR YOU - SO PROUD TO KNOW YOU AND it gives me faith in humanity.Writing our souls out into a world that listens. mx

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Mary, dear friend, we are connected across the waters, whether they are darkened or sparkling. 

There is no competition among writers who work for the love of the word, who write because they must.  I believe in my deepest heart that any validation of my work extends to you and to others as well, to those of us who may be obscure today, but who have promise for tomorrow.  Mx